Destin Beach Rentals Golf Cart Rentals
– Frequently Asked Questions –

1. Do you offer gas or electric golf carts?

All of our golf carts are electric. They plug into any regular outlet to charge.

Electric Golf Cart Rental Advantages

  • No gas to purchase on a regular basis
  • Silent running
  • Can be operated smoothly at any speed
  • Runs normally when cold
  • No exhaust pollution

2. How do we get to your location?

No need, we will deliver the golf cart to you! Our customers will never have to pick up a cart themselves.

3. Where areas do you service?

We can deliver anywhere in Destin and Miramar Beach for free. For an addition delivery fee we deliver from Santa Rosa Beach all the way to Navarre Beach.

4. Can we drive our street-legal golf cart on the beach?

No. These low speed vehicles (LSV’s) can only be driven on public and private roads with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less.

5. How do we reserve a street-legal golf cart?

Contact us by phone or email. We do require full payment for advanced reservations.

6. Where can we park our street-legal golf cart?

You can park your cart wherever street-legal parking is permitted. Depending on your location, restaurants, grocery stores, local parks and attractions, and beach access parking areas.

7. How often does the golf cart need to be charged?

The batteries should be charged when you’re done using it for the day or after the low charge warning light on the dash board comes on. The on-board computer in the vehicle controls the length of charge time automatically depending on the amount of discharge.

8. Do you offer longer rental periods than 1 week?

Yes, we offer monthly and seasonal rentals at discounted rates. Call for pricing.